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Getting a fake ID has become a rite of passage in the United States. It’s the only way us young people can get things done.
Our participation in social events is often hindered by age restrictions and by the time adulthood rolls around, we’re all looking for another adult to help get us through this thing called life.
A fake ID can open the gates to freedom for many of us. If you want to experience all the good stuff in life, sign up to a fake ID website now. If you don’t know where to begin your search, we’ve got you covered. Here’s our review of ten popular fake ID makers online.
FakeYourID.com (View Fakeyourid.com Review)
Alexa Rank # (US: 287,711) (Overall: 1,519,134)
Website: Fakeyourid.com
Location: China & US.
Years Active: 5
Shipping Options: Express (2-3 days) & Standard (7-10 days).
Reviews Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
Pricing: Starts from 125 USD.
Products: Mainly US.
This is probably the most popular website we’re reviewing in this piece. Teens love FakeYourID.com mainly because of how tech-savvy it is.
The first thing that stands out about its ID cards is that they’re made of PVC and Teslin, so they look and feel authentic. A security official can mess with them as much as they like; the cards don’t break or dent.
Secondly, all cards here are guaranteed to pass security scans. A standard driver’s license is going to be equipped with fake information generators, 2D barcodes and high-quality holograms so that there’s very little chance of getting caught.
Besides, these guys are known to pre-test all the security features before they hand over the card to you.
According to Foss, customer of Fakeyourid.com from Ohio;
FakeYourID.com does not use templates to make the ID cards and is very precise with each state’s security specifications. On the website, you’ll notice there’s a page dedicated to each state, so you can rest assured that it is familiar with the ID requirements you’re looking for.
While we were reviewing this website, we noted that it has got several dummy pictures as samples for customers to see.It is actually pretty scrupulous with the images and takes multiple shots from various angles to get it just right.However, what really struck us was the transparency of it all. You can catch some videos of its team showing you how your ID card is put together in the printing facility.