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When it comes to using a laminator, you will want one that can handle the thickness of laminate pouch you are using. Try and use one that accepts at least 7 mil, preferably 10.It must also do hot laminate, not cold. Good quality laminators will produce better results.The next step is to laminate your card. The reason we have used Teslin paper rather than regular paper is that when laminating, Teslin adheres much more strongly to the pouches.This will prevent your card from falling apart.
Turn on your laminator and let it heat up.
While it’s heating, put your freshly-printed template into the laminate pouch, with the top of your card against the seam. This will save you from cutting important parts of the ID off in case the laminate pouch slips in the laminator.It is also possible to use a tiny amount of super glue on the back of the card to secure it in place.
When your card comes out, you will likely have to cut and sand down edges of the laminate. Your scalpel, ruler, scissors, and sand paper will do the trick. However, be careful with the sand paper as you may end up turning the edges of the card white.Once the laminator is ready, put the card in seam-first. Give it a bit of time to cool when it comes out before handling it or bending it. If the card comes out floppy or it seems the laminate has not adhered, run it through the laminator again.
Once you are satisfied with your product, you can add a hologram overlay (as seen below). Simply peel and stick, making sure you line it up square. To prevent getting bubbles under the overlay, perform this step in a vacuum. If you don’t have a vacuum chamber at your disposal, or have no way of getting into space, then just work your way edge to edge with your finger while sticking it on, getting rid of the air underneath. This can be tricky. Also a good reason why you should buy several hologram overlays.
If you still have bubbles under the hologram, use the back side of a knife or a rolling pin to force them out.
Finally, if you want to make your card swipeable, get out your magnetic stripe encoder. What comes next you will have to figure out, as I have never operated one.